American Realist Figurative Painter & Artist

The center of art is expression, experiencing emotions and being pulled into the canvas through a wide scope of different feelings. As a realist figurative painter and artist in Chicago specializing in contemporary and narrative paintings, I strive to put humanity on each canvas and pull viewers in through a range of emotion they can see in the paint and sense in themselves.

From still life oil paintings to landscapes to interactive figurative art, each painting displays a unique expression each person can view differently. Not painted in a closed room shut away from the world, but rather painted in the open, amongst lively crowds, each painting exhibits the energy and vitality of the surroundings through an ecstatic array of colors and dream-like forms. The figures, faces and forms bring you into the moment, using patient strokes to turn an instant of life, wonder and dreams into a painted masterpiece.

​My works have been exhibited across the nation in museums and special events, and featured in multiple publications. To learn more and see a collection of exhibits, see the public projects and recent shows section. For more information contact me, realist figurative painter and artist in Chicago.