Realist Art Collections

Browse a collection of realist art and oil paintings in Chicago by artist Audrey Ushenko. My unique artistic style and vision makes each piece a distinctive study in method, form and disposition, exhibiting a range of human expression in my figurative pieces and beautiful imagination in landscapes and still-lifes.

With bright and powerful colors mingling together in fluid forms, each canvas creates a vivacious energy with a captivating aesthetic. Mixing bold Impressionist colors and gentle forms with an lively Expressionist mood, I capture the passing of time though gentle shifts in light across the stage, while remaining fixed on a serene setting. The result creates energy in each painting while capturing an moment in time that speaks in authentic emotion through an conceptualized vision. Mixing realistic with fantastic, I paint each scene on the edge of a dream, putting the moment into extraordinary color before it fades.

The gallery shows a collection of realist art and oil paintings in Chicago, Illinois. Continue exploring the site to see examples of figurative paintings, paintings on exhibit and the most recent work. Visit the publications section to learn more about interactive works and contact me to learn more about upcoming exhibits and collections.