Public Projects

Thomspon Center

Interactive Painting With The Public

I specialize in figurative art focused on expression and emotional illustration. Several of my large murals are completed through interactive art and public painting in Chicago, Illinois, and other areas. These special paintings are created out in the open, among crowds, where I can draw from the many people, moods, passersby and the many moments that occur while the piece is created.

My interactive art includes real subjects—many of the people who pass, observe or examine the painting in progress—and the invisible images that hide in the environment or behind the eyes of the passersby. Like the mode of the art, combing a rich and powerful landscape of color with transformative figures and forms, the subjects in each of the interactive paintings are fluid, shifting and changing in between realism and fantasy. The figures, individuals within independent moments that pass the canvas, become players in a larger sphere and setting. Once the public paintings are finished, they also become a part of each person who views them.

​Browse the gallery to see the stages in interactive art and public painting. Learn more about me and visit the gallery of paintings to see more of my work.

50th Anniversary IPFW Project