New Artwork- Figure, Landscape & Still Life Oil Paintings

I am a contemporary and figurative artist exploring a diverse range of painting methods and styles. My career and unique artistic style have evolved over 50 years of painting, gaining inspiration from many sources and sharing inspiration with art aficionados as well as new, aspiring artists. I have been recognized as a modern American artist and my art continues to evolve today. The publication below describes and examines the moods and methods that create my most recent work.

Crafted through the collision of expert technique and rich, human emotion, my paintings exemplify something greater than the sum of the parts. The publication explores my painting style and technique, striking use of color and light, and describes the energy brought into a selection of figurative paintings. The paintings selected show changing seasons and changing moods, illustrating these serene settings through a spirited confluence of human moments. The publication draws my work alongside the artists throughout time that have informed and inspired my work, and helps the reader to learn more about this visionary technique.

Read more about my recent work and see the gallery to find still life oil paintings for sale in Chicago, Illinois.