Contemporary Artist Audrey Ushenko in Publication

100 New York Painters

My work has been featured across the U.S. in exhibitions, museums, public collections and many different publications. The National Academy of Design has recognized my work with numerous awards and my work is a part of collections at the Everson Museum of Art and the Polish Museum of America in Chicago. I am a contemporary artist of narrative paintings currently in Chicago, recognized as one of New York’s most iconic contemporary painters in the illustrated publication, 100 New York Painters.

100 New York Painters highlighted exemplary works from the East Coast’s most illustrious modern artists. These artists are currently shaping the moods, themes and techniques of modern art, not only by creating extraordinary works that capture both critics’ and the public’s imaginations, but also by teaching new generations of artists. I have taught at a number of schools, including Indiana University, the University of Illinois, Northwestern University, Valparaiso University, the Maryland Institute of Art, Adrian College and many more. Colleagues examine my unique expressive and narrative style in the publication, noting a dramatic depiction of life experience through figures and forms that are relatable and accessible.

Take a look at a few of the beautiful paintings included in 100 New York Painters, including my expressive portraits, captivating figure pieces and famous narrative paintings.